Saturday, February 10, 2007


If you are looking for links that I mentioned on the podcast then you have come to the right place. If you are looking for the podcast you can download it here, episode 27. If, however you are looking for the your keys they are probably at the last place you left them. Yes, well, as promised I have the links for you that I mentioned on the show. They are below and in the order that I mentioned them. Oh, BTW, there is a slight Freudian slip in the podcast. Let me know if you found it. I left it in there to have a little fun. Cheers!!!


Linspire and Canonical Announces A Key Partnership

Run Windows Programs Seamlessly In Ubuntu With QEmu

David Lee Roth to Rejoin Van Halen. Honey!! Where is my Spandex?

Russian Region Perm To Ditch Proprietary Software For Linux

Linux Alternative Package

VLC, here is the link

Main Segment

For a site that rates packages for Gnome and also a place you can download the packages in various formats try

The KDE site that does essentially the same thing is

Check out this site for various Gnome-centric eye candy,

And lastly, the Ubuntu Geek blog is a cornucopia of tips, tutorials, and advice from a very knowledgable ubuntu user. It is at

Have fun with the links and tell them I sent you!!


time cat

This is a perfect command to time how ling it take a browser to load a web page, or how long it might take to download a file. Better yet, you can time yourself taking a bathroom break then getting a sandwich and eventually back to your computer. Can you think of anything better to do with your time?


Davids linux blog

VMWare howto

Mark G's blog Humble Ubuntu


The Adventures Of Johnny Loco

Download "Shake It" (mp3)
from "The Adventures Of Johnny Loco"
by Latin Soul Syndicate
Lovecat Music

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Can You Feel It?

Download "A Change Is Gonna Come" (mp3)
from "Can You Feel It?"
by Campbell Brothers
Ropeadope Records

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Om Mani

Download "Robert Jax vs Techno Squirrels" (mp3)
from "Om Mani"
by Techno Squirrels
Rave Police Records

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World Latin Championships

Download "Patricia" (mp3)
from "World Latin Championships"
by Tony Evans & His Orchestra
Tema International

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Add and Remove, uh, Sometimes

Welcome back, You can download the podcast here, Episode 26. Before I get started, i just want to say due to the Holiday Weekend (aka, the SuperBowl) I will not be putting out a podcast for the week of February 4th 2007. I hope you understand and may the best team win!

This week I talk a little about "The GIMP". I consider it a viable alternative to Photoshop for my needs. I must stress that it is for "my needs". In other words, for the casual (and I mean rare) user. Yes, I understand that GIMP does not support CMYK colors (or Pantone, I think) but, it can probably handle most anything just short a retouching photos for Architectural Digest and it might be able to do that as well only the final post printing colors will probably not look right so I've read. Here is an interesting article I came upon talking just about this very topic and if you are curious about the GIMP you can reach it here.

The Command line of the command of the week was: netstat -tup

This specific command lists all the internet connections both incoming and outgoing. So if you are wondering about what programs are using internet access this would be a good command to use to find exactly that!

In the main segment, I talk about another package manager that I generically call the add/remove packet manager. I really like the user interface of the packet manager. First of all there are only packages in there! Unlike Synaptic which lists packages, dependencies, libraries and whatever else that packages need. As an end user, I am only interested in a couple of things. What applications are available to me and what applications are the hottest/latest/best. The add/remove package manager addresses both very easily as it does rate (at least) the most popular application from 1 star (the least) to 4 stars (you guessed it, the most). All of the packages are categorized in the left frame and the packages are contained in the upper right frame with the lower right frame reserved for a description. One esoteric addition albeit (IMO) an important one is the addition of the packages' Logo icon to the left of the package name. I know, I am a bit shallow, but really folks, in all honesty, it adds the sizzle to the steak! The only downfall is that it is heavily dependent on Synpatic Package Manager to handle removal of closely related packages and utilities of the user interface, but, it handles adding packages with the same ease and grace that Synpatic does. Overall, I give it a 7 out 10, but what would be nice is if Synaptic Package manager used elements of the add/remove manager and we would have an even better package management system.

Music from the Podshow, Podsafe Music Network (PMN)

One Tribe - Saskia Nation theme HatHead

Link to use in your show notes

Download it-Dance edit Clea
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Artistry In Swing

Download "Take The "A" Train" (mp3)
from "Artistry In Swing"
by Tony Evans & His Orchestra
Tema International

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