Monday, August 28, 2006

Windows Equivalent Apps for Ubuntu

I covered some Windows equivalent software for ubuntu and came up with the usual suspects for those of you who are more experienced users. You know OpenOffice, gimp, gaim...but there are also some others that are "new" finds especially for us new2ubuntu types like rezound, ardour, and gnuCash. Here is a link to the list. If there are any users who can suggest others your comments are appreciated.

I also mentioned that I got my ship-it discs a few days ago and they look good. Each disc came in a sleeve with 5 people in a huddle....not bad. Did I mention I got some cool stickers with them? Lucky....

Ouch! I got hit by the x server bug. I tried to reconfigure the xorg.config but it didnt work, so I went ahead and reinstalled Ubuntu. I haven't been without any problems with ubuntu os but I will say this. the reinstall only took 30 minutes and was painless. Had I waited a day i could have salvaged the installation but it neither here nor there at this point.

Check out Ubuntu Counter here. You get a number that and a button that you can put on your website or emails, pretty nifty if you are into that kind of thing. Well, that's it see you again soon.

If you are looking for the mp3 feed It is right here.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Remedial command line

Hello and welcome back!!! I now have this podcast in Ogg Vorbis format the feed for that is located HERE
This week I did some remedial command line commands - this includes:

ls - list command that returns a list of the contents in the directory
mkdir - This command will allow you to make a directory
cd - This command will allow the user to move to another directory
cp - Copy command, this will copy a file from one directory to another
rm - deletes a file
mv - renames or moves a file
locate - helps find a file

Also I have a list of further resources for you to either find help or more information: this is a good site to find packages for manual download among other things, it also has links to other good things Much like, has lots of packages for download This is a great place to find out about news regarding linux in general and to find great tutorials

I also get a lot of news about Ubuntu from

Note: I will generally do a google search specifically for help on certain things rekated to ubuntu by specifically entering "ubuntu" as one of the search criteria. This usually gets me very close!!

Lastly, I like to listen to podcast with Chess Griffin

Best of luck to you and I'll be speaking with you later.

DOWNLOAD -- 005Freshubuntu19Aug06.ogg

Monday, August 21, 2006

Now in ogg vorbis format

Hi, I think it would be wise to have the feed also in ogg vorbis format;p